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The door design includes:

  1. a door cloth;
  2. a door box;
  3. door loops;
  4. locking and security devices - locks, door handles, chains, latches, door eyes, door dovodchiki etc.

Door loops, chains, latches, door handles concern the category of door accessories.

Devices with which help the door cloth fastens to a box.
The choice of type of loops and their quantity is made depending on a material of which the door, door arrangements (entrance or interroom), intensity of operation, weight and width of a shutter is made.
Manufacturers usually make recommendations about a choice and correct installation of loops, it is necessary to pay attention to them, as at doors, with improper loops or being not on a due place the operational resource is considerably reduced.
Loops happen:



  1. vvertnye - represent two small cylinders with screws on each side, one cylinder is rolled in a door, another - in a door box, are used, basically, for easy interroom doors;
  2. hinged - fasten by means of small plates with apertures (wings), one wing fastens to a door, another - to a box. Hinged loops share on: universal, left, right. Universal approach for any door irrespective of, on what party it opens, but these loops - one-piece, to remove a door from loops it is possible, only having removed all loops. The left and right loops - demountable.
On a material of manufacturing of a loop happen:
  1. latunirovannye - are executed from the zinc or steel alloys covered with a brass, can be covered by enamel of different colours or structures "under bronze", "under gold", etc.;
  2. brass - are made entirely of a brass, can be polished or covered by chrome; steel - the strongest, qualitative and expensive.
At a door choice, it is better to buy the door cloth completed with loops. For entrance doors it is more than loop on the size, are often supplied by the mechanism protivosnjatija.

The major criteria of a choice - decorative effect and functionality. The huge choice of the door handles presented in the Russian market, allows to pick up handles for all tastes, combining them with other accessories of an interior (hooks, hangers, shelves).
Kinds of door handles:

  1. The press. As a matter of fact is a lever, pressing on which, it is possible to open and close falevuju a latch (uvula) of the lock. Happen to a continuous overlay (paletoj) and with separate overlays (sockets). A version of press handles are noby (handles-spheres). To open or close a door, such handle should be turned. Handles are very convenient for bathrooms and bathrooms with clamps;
  2. stationary, unlike press, are not connected with a door-lock. Happen the various form, the most widespread - P-shaped (or skoba). Choosing the handle-skobu, it is necessary to consider that the massivnee a door, the there should be a length of the handle and its diameter more - differently it will be inconvenient to open.
Handles can be executed from: metal (a brass, nickel, bronze); For entrance doors it is better to pick up handles with special protective overlays from a steel, interfering vylamyvaniju doors and vybivaniju the lock.
Adverse conditions is better transfer handles from the anodized aluminium; a brass and the stainless steel, which surface to polishing or chromium plating. For external doors (going out of doors) it is not recommended to use the handles covered with a paint or a varnish.

The devices closing a door without participation of the person.
Kinds dovodchikov:

  1. Knee - dovodchik the device with a knee - to a door fastens to a frame;
  2. a linear drive - has no "knee" does not spoil appearance of a door;
  3. "invisible" - run into an end face of a door and at the closed door are not visible;
  4. for sliding doors;
  5. for arch doors - have fastenings from below doors.
The basic adjustments dovodchikov:
  1. speed of closing of a door - allows a door to be closed very quickly or slowly;
  2. the opening brake - does not allow a door to swing open sharply;
  3. speed zahlopyvanija - is necessary, when the door should be latched on the lock;
  4. the closing delay - allows to carry by, for example, furniture, without holding a door.

Are applied to inside doors, furniture dverok, etc. Latches can be mechanical and magnetic.

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