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That such a sound-proof door

We Continue conversation on what doors happen. This time it will be a question of the doors, which experts name sound-proof, or shumozashchitnymi. It is clear that the primary goal of such doors – to lower the noise getting into a premise (or on the contrary – from a premise). Than they differ from usual standard doors? First of all that densely adjoin to a door box and a floor (thanks to every possible sealants and porozhkam). And also that in them, as a rule, is shumopogloshchajushchy napolnitel.

Where the special sound-proof door is necessary?

Sergey Korolev, the manager of firm "Spark-plus", works with profile VEKA:

– Any door – sound-proof. But not each door protects from noise equally. If it is necessary to eliminate all some decibel (db) will suffice also usual "kartonki". … from DSP or PVC-PROFILE can relieve the Door of noise at 27-30 db. That is in this case podezdnyj noise will not get inside (as the human ear does not perceive noise less than 15 db). But if it is a question of special premises, for example, sound departments to doors increased requirements on sound insulation are shown. But it is necessary to remember what to do a door more shumostojkoj, than walls and overlappings, it is not meaningful.

Konstantin Vasilev, the director of firm "Парсал":

– To Speak about a sound-proof door it makes sense only when sound insulation of walls, windows and overlappings is provided. Especially it is important for premises with the facilitated interroom partitions (for example, from gypsum cardboard), there though the most deaf door put – all the same all is audible that occurs behind a partition. With other things being equal – the the door is heavier and more thickly, the is better it protects from noise. For example, the thick lead door will not pass almost any sound. But with such weight in our houses it is impossible to put a door, and it is not necessary. Within 30–40 db will protect rather easy (to 80 kg) a door from DSP or MDF.

So, as it is visible, in usual conditions it is possible to manage and without a special sound-proof door.

For example, according to experts, the massive door from an oak or a pine considerably reduces noise level. Besides, good antinoise properties fire-prevention doors possess: in them the heat insulator (it – and good zvukoizoljator) is put. For example, sound insulation of fire-prevention doors of German firm "Херманн" (Hermann) – in limits from 36 to 45 db.

Steel doors possess sound-proof qualities if between steel sheets the insulator (is laid better if it is mineral cotton wool). And without such insulator the steel sheet can strengthen noise on the contrary.

But nevertheless, if there is a desire and requirement it is more reliable to be protected from noise, it is possible and to make the sound-proof of a usual door. Let's consider, how it to make.

How to lower sound transmission of a usual door?

The Most simple way – to upholster a door with leatherette or a genuine leather, having laid under an upholstery a layer (or some layers) batting or a synthetic winterizer. And the thicker "the soft pillow", the less noise will pass through a door. It is better, if masters upholster a door from two parties. Besides, it is possible to upholster a door with a tree or sheet DSP (but keep in mind that in this case the door becomes heavier, therefore it is better to add it with one more or two loops).

More difficult design – to establish two doors with platform between them. The air layer in platform will lower noise level.

Well reduce noise level the sealing linings closing backlashes between a door box and a door cloth. They fasten to a door cloth so that on a door the ledge covering edge of a door box was formed. According to Maxim Rodanova, the representative of Spanish firm "áÓÔÑó¿" (Artevi), delivering on our market various doors, "with sealing linings of noise through a door passes on 30–40% less".

That such a sound-proof door?

But, let us assume, the usual door does not suit you. We will assume, at you on a ladder platform the noisy companies gather. Or, for example, you the musician also rehearse houses, but do not wish to disturb neighbours. Then even more reliable sound insulation is necessary to you. That is, as experts speak, you need a door cloth of a special design (without considering, of course, sound insulation of walls, windows etc. But is a separate conversation).

And so, outwardly special door does not differ from the standard. All difference – in an internal structure. Special shumozashchitnaja the door in a cut reminds a puff pie. For example, the Finnish doors of "Alavus" (Alavus) consist of two boards MDF, krashennyh outside between which the pressed mineral cotton wool is laid. Level of a sound absorption of such door 30 db.

Filling of a sound-proof door (from left to right): 1 – a cellular basis from a cardboard; 2 – DSP with tubular cavities; 3 – continuous DSP

The Finnish doors of "Suomen Ovi" (Suomen Ovi) have even more layers. Inside – a core, sheet DSP isolated from two parties shumozashchitnoj by a film, and outside – krashenaja DSP. Sound absorption level – 30 db.

The German firm "and Getalit AG" (Westag and Getalit AG) too does by Vestag multilayered doors: DSP – layers DVP – a laminate. Doors "and Getalit AG" (Westag and Getalit AG) depending on model detain Vestag from 27 to 42 db.

Doors of Russian firm "Парсал" are outside trimmed with a laminate, and inside – 2–3 layers DSP, covered with plastic. Sound absorption level – 30 db.

Industrial group "Hobbit" realises doors from the German profile of "Century" (Veka). A stuffing – a double-glazed window or opaque napolnitel type "sandwich". Level shumopogloshchenija – 28 db.

What to choose?

All depends on for what the door is necessary. If it is required shumoizolirovat a special premise also the door is necessary special (plus isolation of walls, windows and ceilings). And if it is necessary to get rid of usual external noise (street noise, footfall of feet on a ladder, a rumble of conversations) it is quite possible to soundproof already available door as we already spoke, by means of an upholstery and sealants. Or to get already ready, constraining on the average nearby 30–40 db. Often two ordinary (for example, wooden) doors "reduce loudness" more than one sound-proof. And two sound-proof – especially!

On SniPu П-3-79, the sound-proof door should detain not less than 26 decibels (db). That is if from an outer side of a door the noise level is equal, for example, 56 db, in a room – no more than 30 db. And on the average "comfortable loudness" for the person – from 30 to 50 db.

Errors and ambushes

Karen Aslanjan, firm "Vestag and Getalit AG":

– The Firm does not bear responsibility for a door in case of change by the owner of its design. If, for example, after leaving of assemblers the owner under own initiative inserts an eye or the additional lock zvukozashchitnoe quality of such door will be for certain lowered into a door.

The Second widespread error – discrepancy of gaugings.

Assembler Nikolay, firm "Парсал":

– There was such case when the customer has made gaugings independently. Under its responsibility we have agreed to execute the order. And when have brought a door into place, it has appeared that it of more aperture. To saw it it is impossible, as on edge goes shumopogloshchajushchy a sealant and porozhek. Have decided to chisel through an aperture. Have started to work, but there has there and then arrived militia. It has appeared, the neigbour has called the squad: it was not pleasant to it that rustle. In general, the customer has become angry and has ordered a new door, but already with our gaugings. And it has managed to it more expensively the first as with an aperture it was necessary to interrupt not finished works, and then to restore everything as was.

Therefore I address to all wishing to put a sound-proof door – invite zamershchika!

Accessories shumozashchitnoj doors

Door boxes. They can be metal or from DSP. The internal part of a metal box is filled with concrete, and with boxes from DSP – assembly foam. The backlash between an aperture and a door box, the less better. By rules the backlash should be no more than 1 see

Sealing linings are established on all perimetre of a door box. Have well proved the Swedish rubber linings of "Varnamo" (Varnamo) or German (too rubber) as "Fomestrip" (Fomestrip).

From below at a sound-proof door should be porozhek. For example, at doors "Vestag and Getalit AG" – automatic magnetic porozhek: below – instead of a threshold – in a floor it is drowned magnetised rejka.

When the door is closed, to a magnet the metal plate, and thus a crack between a floor and a door is drawn liquidated (such mechanics in the catalogue name "aljuminievomagnitnoe consolidation with a floor"). At door opening the metal plate automatically moves in a door. Instead of a plate the special rubber lining in the same way can nestle on a floor – then the magnet is not necessary.

Opinion of the expert

Whether It is possible to make a sound-proof door fireproof?

the Director of Noncommercial partnership of maintenance of fire safety "Pulse" (NPO "Pulse") Victor Baralejchuk:

– How to make, that the door was not simply sound-proof, but fireproof? It is necessary to buy a door with so-called fire-resistant zvukoizoljatorom. (Such door make industrially, and the certificate necessarily stands out, and in it time during which the door keeps integrity at a fire is specified.)

For today the best fire-resistant zvukoizoljator – mineral cotton wool on the basis of basalt fibres of high density (150 kg/m3). It is especially good, if in a door 2–3 plates of such mineral cotton wool are laid. Besides, if a door metal, in it there should not be so-called "thermal bridges" (that is the metal details connecting the internal and external parties of a door cloth). Because on them heat will easily reach the intact party of a door and then will begin plavitsja and the internal upholstery will light up.

Many fire-prevention doors of factory manufacture provide shumopogloshchenie more than 30 db (it too should be specified in the certificate). As a rule, it is quite enough of it for city apartments.

That who wishes to modernise independently the old door, I recommend to put from within a layer of mineral cotton wool on the basis of basalt fibres (about 10 mm in the thickness), and from above to upholster with leatherette. It will increase both sound insulation, and fireproof properties of a door. But at all do not use foam rubber and batting: at a fire they quickly ignite and that is even worse, allocate poisoning products of burning.

Besides, outside it is possible to upholster a door thin (0,5 mm) with metal sheet (for example, zinced) and from above to paint. If a door new and yet krashennaja the surface of a door cloth can be processed fireproof structure, for example domestic KSD, ОСП-1, OZP-D, ВАНН-1, etc.

Typical sources of noise

The Plane at launch 160 db
Shout 90 db
Noise in a train at movement 85–90 db
Noise of brisk street 55–60 db
Conversation in a room of the average sizes 45–50 db
Noise in silent street 30–35 db
Whisper on distance of 1 m 25 db
Silent garden 20 db

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