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Tension ceilings


Tension ceilings can be established in premises of any configuration, under any inclination and in different planes, do both sharp, and smooth transitions of one plane in another.
The choice of colours and cloth invoices is huge - from satiny and matte, glossy and mirror to marble and velvet, under a tree and under a skin.

Because of complexity of installation independent installation of tension ceilings is impossible, it is carried out by experts of firm-seller with observance of certain sequence of a tension of the film excluding occurrence of waves.


Tension ceilings allow to use usual lamps nakalivanija, galogennye on 12 In and luminescent. Their standard fastening in a plane of a cloth demands restriction of capacity to 30 Vt - for usual, 50 Vt - for galogennyh and luminescent lamps. Otherwise allocated heat will lead to increase in plasticity and sagging of a ceiling cloth. However any assembly firm has some variants of a design of fixtures for use of lamps bolshej capacities.

For premises with the raised humidity (the kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet) is better to choose a ceiling with a glossy surface on which settles a dust and a soot less. To exclude skaplivanie a condensate in space between ceiling overlapping and a cloth, in fixing profiles do ventilating channels. And at the area of a premise more than 35 sq. m it is necessary to provide the message zaplenochnogo volume with a box obshcheobmennoj ventilation.


  1. The polyvinylchloride film (weight 180-320г/кв.м, a thickness 0,15-0,35мм) is water-proof, elastic enough, but becomes rigid and fragile at negative temperature. The material is well painted over for all thickness (the palette of colours and shades exceeds 100 gradation). The surface invoice can be made practically any: matte with a superficial stamping, under a skin, marbled, under the Venetian plaster, glossy, punched (with apertures) and mirror. Before installation a cloth heat up to 70 degrees of Celsius a stream of hot air, the film is softened, in such condition it pull, filling edges in a skeleton (baguette). At cooling to a room temperature, the film shrinks on 1-2%25, becomes more rigid and occupies definitive position on a skeleton;
  2. the polyester fabric (weight 200 of m, a thickness of 0,25 mm) is impregnated thermojet poliuretanom that provides to it higher elasticity and stability of the sizes, than at a polyvinylchloride film. A fabric pull on a fixing skeleton at a room temperature, and then warm up the building hair dryer (capacity of an order 1кВт) in those places where it is necessary to smooth folds. A lack of a polyester fabric that it cannot be painted before installation. Therefore the tension ceiling from it or remains matte white, or paint already after installation (tonirujut all surface or is put by drawings). The choice the invoice of a surface of such ceiling is limited also. But the polyester fabric keeps the elasticity at temperature of 30 degrees of Celsius, therefore it can be used in not heated premises, including a balcony and a loggia.


  1. Possibility to hide defects of overlappings (roughness, a crack);
  2. absence of dirty processes at installation, installation possibility at any time year;
  3. maintain to 100 litres of water on one sq.m. (in case of a leaking) after which removal restore a former tension.


  1. Access to interceiling space is complicated;
  2. one of the most expensive kinds of furnish;
  3. the width of a film - usually 1,4 metres, therefore on the varnished ceilings is visible a thin line of a joint (on matte - it is not appreciable);
  4. the surface is insufficiently strong.


It is possible to wash Tension ceilings with application of any washing-up liquids, it is impossible to use thus scratching or sharp subjects – the film can tear.

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