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the Combined doors

What is such – the combined doors?

the combined doors

Rice 1.

If a door make from a wood substitute (MDF, DSP) before processing of its ready form fill with a special material. This material keeps a moisture and serves for a noise isolation. The newest invention of the Canadian experts – a so-called needle seam. The door gathers from bruskov, and joints connect this seam. It as experts speak, perfectly protects a door from temperature drops. Today the price for such doors fluctuates from 400 dollars and above. By the way, the buyer can always distinguish a fake from "the native" goods just on a needle seam. "Zigzag" should be slightly visible through a paint, at an end face of a door box.

The Price of the combined door depends on what material fills its "stuffing". Expensive door becomes so: at first stick together bruski from a pine file, then on them from both parties the layer from MDF is pasted. Then the interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree (fig. 1 see) is pasted. In the doorway more cheaply "stuffing" another: pine brusok fastens only on perimetre, and all other space is filled with crosspieces in the form of honeycombs. Then, as well as in the first case, on a layer from MDF the interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree (fig. 2 see) is pasted. Quite often home producers with a view of economy mould an interline interval directly on boards, without a layer. Therefore be not surprised, if your door in a bathroom where it is natural, humidity high, will start to become unstuck.

doors combined

Rice 2.

Sometimes cellular napolnitel do not put. These doors are called as hollow. I, for example, easily could define such door – have simply knocked on it. The booming sound was distributed.

If the combined door has started to be deformed, the reason – poor-quality processing by a varnish. At purchase, alas, it is impossible to check up this defect. The door will crack already at you the house.

Experts advise: if in your bathroom there is "Jacuzzi" or a sauna it is better to buy a sanitary door from the combined material, instead of from a file. The oak door certainly strong, but wood even after processing keeps properties of natural fibres. They "breathe" and absorb a moisture, therefore a door can be deformed. Besides, consider – the more panels vrezano on a door cloth, the it is less probability of its deformation because of a moisture.

As it was found out, foreigners have learnt to protect for a long time the sanitary doors. For example, Americans know the excellent way of struggle checked up by time with a moisture. It is known that after a hot shower on all surfaces of a bathroom settles steam. They make in sanitary doors of an aperture. Usually a hole cut down in the bottom of a door box through. And, this procedure should be made already after the buyer will establish a door in apartment. Be not frightened, holes it will be visible not. To keep a decent view it is possible by means of the usual lattice picked up for colour and strengthened from the internal and external parties of a door of a bathroom. Our builders for some reason never such outlets with a lattice in sanitary doors do.

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