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How to put at a door glass

That it is better to shine a dark room or a corridor, instead of a glass door it is possible to put glasses at an old door. On features of a design filenchatye doors do not approach for such reorganisation, and a panel board door to glaze simply. The success depends on accuracy. For halls, kitchens and living rooms the sheet of glass inserted on 60 mm below an upper edge of a door and missing 400 mm to its bottom edge will approach. The sheet of matte glass which is put on distance by of 400 mm from a door bottom edge is convenient for a bathroom and a toilet.

That the door has kept the mechanical properties, the glass sheet should not get to edges of a door about 160 mm. Usual sheets of a windowpane use for small windows. For long panels where glass is easy for breaking, use the reinforced or layered glass. Wooden laths with which has flown down krepjat to a door, sell flat and with the chosen quarter. The apron on a lath with the chosen quarter will disguise roughnesses of edges of a door window. Correctly to calculate width of a lath, it is necessary to subtract a thickness of glass from a thickness of a door and to take the small admission on a glass tape or a strip from porous rubber. The received size halve.

1. An aperture marking. Put doors on goats. Using a square or two bruska a tree, brought down at right angle as directing, spend a line across a door on the necessary distance from an upper edge. Measure the necessary height and spend a line in parallel the first. To calculate distance from edges of a door to aperture edges, namerte width of an aperture, subtract from it width of a door and divide into two. Be convinced that this distance is not less 160 mm. Then, using a square or a self-made right angle, spend on a face sheet of a door the lines corresponding to the parties of an aperture.

how to put at a door glass

2. How to cut out an aperture at doors. In aperture corners drill an electrodrill through apertures. Do not press strongly a drill not to split a door. Turn a door and put on an opposite side aperture contours. Paste over a contour with a sticky tape that at work as an edge saw did not crumble and did not break up. Again turn a door and insert a fret saw file into the aperture drilled in a corner. For a support of a stopper of a fret saw put along a line raspila rectangular brusok and press it to a door clamps. Enclose under them wooden blocks not to damage a door. Include an electrofret saw and conduct it on a line lengthways bruska. The Same do with other parties.

how to put at a door glass 3. How to strengthen aperture edges. Using a chisel, choose porous filling of a door not less than on 50 mm from aperture edge deep into. Cut off four bruska on the sizes of an aperture of the same thickness, as a thickness of filling, and insert them instead of a remote filler. Fix these bruski glue PVA or beat laths with a fold.

how to put at a door glass 4. How to fix laths. Using a saw and raspilovochnym a box, cut off for connection in a moustache four laths with the chosen fold to insert them into an aperture. Strengthen laths in an aperture glue PVA or screws. For screws at first drill apertures with an interval in 150 mm, and then screw laths 30-millimetric screws №8 and close their caps or drown.

how to put at a door glass 5. How to insert glasses. Put a door into place, remove a sticky tape. Cut off on the size glass sheet. The reinforced or layered glass should be cut the supplier. Enclose strips of porous rubber in laths or a glass tape to end faces of glass and insert glass into an aperture. Connect in a moustache four strengthening laths to fix glass. Lay a rubber strip and from above fix laths.

how to put at a door glass

a source: Ural Mountains LTD

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