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All about door handles

Is in our life of a thing without which people once existed easily and without serious consequences for own convenience. For example, our parents lived many years without personal baths and phones, and anything. Inconveniently, of course, but somehow got out. Yes that phone, at me is acquaintances who contrive to do without interroom doors. Speak supposedly so light more and is more spacious. I do not think that absence of a door on kitchen adds open space to their one-room flat – but to owners is more visible.

And without what we really will not manage practically in any way in an everyday life? I answer – this useful trifle is called the door handle. And if without a door somehow still it is possible to adapt, without the handle hardly.

The First time door handles was seen by me on far Mediterranean island Malta. It not exaggeration, the word of honour, earlier I simply did not notice them. On Malta not only private residences, but also usual municipal buildings have amazed me with magnificence of handles on entrance doors. At these descendants of knights-order bearers door handles – directly a cult any. all about door handles What only handles they not napridumyvali! And the most inconceivable sizes and forms: here every possible dolphins, the sea fads, small fishes, tridents, mermaids, anchors, boats and, of course, the Maltese crosses. Heavy, massive, thorough – the present masterpieces from a brass. And though today we speak about handles, I can not be kept and I will tell that there I have still seen enough on scrubbed to shine or covered with a noble patina – semi-antique – door hammers in the form of a head of lions or antique goddesses.

By the way, as a rule, foreign tourists usually buy here door handles for the house, for a family. Our compatriots for some reason "ruchechnye" bypassed shops. It then seemed to me strange: beautifully and useful thing in an economy. However, then, at the beginning of reorganisation, private residences and European-quality repairs at us was a little more.

... Has passed time. We with great strides, being answerable and puffing, we hurry up to keep up with the western fashion. And the turn has reached door handles. Now and we want, that on beautiful wooden (plastic, combined) doors there was not simply any handle and that it there was a beautiful handle. And it is correct. But still it is necessary, that it was reliable, convenient and it is desirable durable. And here with these details it is already necessary to understand more detailed.

So, door handles concern door accessories. Door loops, locks, locks, an emphasis and other accessories without which the door cannot carry out the mission concern door accessories. The basic suppliers of door handles on the Russian market are Italy and Finland. For example, the Finnish firm "Аблой" (Abloy) is included into concern "Assa Abloj Grup" (Assa Abloy Group) – the world's largest manufacturer of door accessories. Its factories are in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the USA. Products of this firm are sound and reliable, though amaze imagination with inconceivable design. Judicious belobrysye guys are firmly convinced of advantage of native production over all other, and we will not argue. Probably, they also are right. The handle really should be reliable.

Traditionally door handles make from a brass, aluminium, silumina (an alloy of zinc with aluminium), usual and stainless steel. The most comfortable for a hand a material (not by cold to the touch) experts recognises a brass. This property plus high plasticity promoted that the brass became the most popular material for door handles. Aluminium, its alloys and stainless steel then follow.

It is interesting that Italians do door handles practically only of a brass. Finns use also other traditional materials.

Who in what is ready?

Now I will tell about a covering. For the most expensive and fashionable matte chrome and matte nickel has a reputation. Besides, apply a tree of valuable breeds. Or multi-coloured muranskoe, or bogemskoe glass, podvergsheesja operations satinirovanija (a variant of chemical etching). Pleasure it, clearly, not the cheap. The best models of door handles if will not pull on a high rank of a work of art an apartment or house ornament will be for certain.

Each firm applies the technology of processing of a surface of handles. For example, masters of company "Colombo" (Colombo) from a brass (or an alloy of aluminium with chrome) put two layers of copper, then a nickel layer on a product. As the basic covering gold (24 or 18 carats), black nickel, matte nickel, chrome polished or matte is used. The Italian company "Манделли" (Mandelli) is engaged in door handles already half a century. New products and technologies are developed by own engineering department. They have appeared the first firm which has applied plug-in vozvratno-spring system of the lever in the products. That is the handle has pressed – the lock uvula has hidden, the handle has released – it has returned to a starting position, and the uvula was put out. And already then this technology have added to the arsenal and all other manufacturers. The company lets out the production from a brass which is not containing impurity, with an exclusive protective layer. This layer decorates a brass surface, but first of all it is intended for protection of a product against "environment".

One of last workings out of the company – a special covering for street handles. On these new products the firm gives 10 years of a guarantee. It is equal twice more service life of traditional kinds of furnish.

According to experts, it is necessary to protect from corrosion not only external, but also internal handles, that is what will stand on interroom and "sanitary" doors. It is clear that the moisture and in dwelling suffices, especially in a bathroom. Such ways today are applied to finishing to mind of handles from a brass:

  • polishing (the surface gradually gets patinirovannoe a covering);
  • processing by a brush;
  • Powder colouring (the polyester powder paint is put after polishing or processing by a brush on a surface of a product and is exposed to heat treatment at temperature 180–200ОС, the rigid layer 30 – 50 microns is thus formed in the thickness);
  • chromium plating polished (at first the basic material becomes covered elektroliticheskim by a layer of copper and (or) nickel in the thickness 15 – 30 microns, then put a layer of chrome in the thickness 0,2 – 0,3 microns);
  • chromium plating matte (all as last way, only a layer of chrome more thickly, therefore colour turns out matte);
  • oksidirovanie (at first the basic material is protected elektroliticheskim by a copper covering in the thickness 20 microns after that do patinirovannoe a covering or oksidirovanie, then the covering is polished and varnished, red or bronze colour turns out);
  • a covering gold with a varnish.

Silumin subject to such operations: polishing, powder colouring, chromium plating polished and matte, a covering gold with a varnish.

Aluminium protect by means of polishing, powder colouring, anodizing (a silver covering).

And, at last, door handles from a steel. That they served longer, to their protection apply: polishing, chromium plating polished and matte, tsinkovanie, powder colouring, latunirovanie, a covering gold with a varnish. As it is known, the most reliable variant of a steel – corrosion-proof.

Two answers to one question

We have already agreed that we speak today about handles for entrance and interroom doors. Entrance armour doors in this article are not considered. Them, according to knowing people, it is better to buy at once complete with handles, locks and loops. So, how correctly to choose the handle?

It is obvious that handles for entrance doors should be thorough for it to hold loading to 80 kg – twice more than interroom. For entrance doors it is better to pick up handles with special protective overlays from a steel, interfering vylamyvaniju and vybivaniju the lock cylinder.

Experts notice that is better adverse weather conditions transfer handles from a brass and the stainless steel which surface is subjected polishing or chromium plating. Here it is possible to add aluminium anodized. Therefore handles from these materials with such processing of a surface are recommended to be put on entrance doors. The main thing here – that without a varnish or a paint which gradually rastreskivajutsja also slip, so, such handle already does not suit anywhere. At desire superreliable entrance handles can be used and in premises if means, but only what for allow?

For interroom doors it is more convenient to use handles with the returnable spring resulting the lever in an initial condition. The rest already a matter of taste.

all about door handles

Thanks to a returnable spring the lever of the door handle always comes back in a starting position

And now there comes choice time. There is here one more "but" – the lock (or a latch). Without them door handles do not happen. Only locks too different, looking for what handle and for what door it is necessary. We will begin one after another. Depending on lock type on a door the press handle or stationary can be established. In advance I will make a reservation that there will be many special words and terms further, but without them not to manage in any way. Without them our conversation will be incomplete and unelaborate.

Press handles

The Press handle by pressing actuates falevuju a latch (uvula) of the lock and by that allows to open or close to (fix) a door. All is very simple. The handle is pressed – falevaja the latch is hidden – the door is opened. The handle in a starting position – falevaja a latch is put forward – the door is fixed.

Therefore the press handle can be established only when the door is equipped by the lock with falevoj a latch.

In this case old handles act in film and the new steal up. At a choice of handles it is desirable to consider an interior of a room and the other moments, for example, to pay attention to that their constructive sizes and the aperture form on a turn-key basis a keyhole approached to type of the lock used at doors.

In the world there are various key systems. In each country-manufacturer the standards, the features.

In this connection press handles can be divided into two types:

  • press handles with a continuous overlay;
  • press handles with separate overlays;
all about door handles

Press handles with a continuous overlay are used with locks with falevoj a latch and a bolt (put in action by means of a key). At selection of such handle it is necessary to consider:

  • interaxal distance between an axis of the handle and a keyhole axis;
  • width of an overlay;
  • section of a profile pin of the handle;
  • the aperture form on a turn-key basis a keyhole.

    The Continuous overlay often still name paletoj. To a door it attach, matter of course, screws. That there were no special problems, the lock and handles should be "native", i.e. on a door with the Spanish lock is better to put the Spanish handles, with Italian – Italian, with Finnish – Finnish.

    all about door handles

    Press handles with separate overlays, or sockets are used in the same way with the locks having falevuju a latch and a bolt (put in action by means of a key). At selection of these handles the interaxal distance in calculation does not undertake. The size of overlays is considered only. The socket with an aperture on a turn-key basis a keyhole often name kljuchevinoj.

    Press handles with separate overlays fasten on a profile pin (a core of square section) screws. And sockets in one case nestle on a door only the handles strengthened on a profile pin, in other – are pulled together, besides, through the case of the lock with screws. The first variant is used by Italians. The second, from my point of view, more reliable, – Finns, Germans and others apply.

    If at doors the lock only with falevoj a latch is used (without a bolt), the press handle with one socket is applied. Kljuchevina in this case it is not so necessary.


    The Version of press handles are noby (handles-spheres). The lever which press, at them is not present. For influence on falevuju the ball should be turned a latch. Therefore sometimes noby name rotary handles.

    all about door handles

    Often ask a question what is better – press handles or noby? Here it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. At each type the pluses and minuses. We will admit, if you the person gusty, hasty – I advise to put on these doors most noby. For them it is impossible to be hooked by a sleeve in quick temper and to tear a jacket from Guchchi.

    But on the lever of the press handle it is possible to press not only a palm, but also an elbow, a shoulder, a foot, in general, than will reach. Nob it is possible to open only a hand, but for this purpose it should be free. And in general should be. In sense a hand. In Finland, in particular, rotary handles do not make and do not buy abroad because people with the limited physical possibilities cannot use them.

    As a rule, noby usually establish on interroom doors and in bathrooms.

    Stationary handles

    The Stationary handle unlike the press is not connected in any way with a door-lock. It cannot be pressed or turned. It can be pulled only on itself or to push from itself. The stationary handle simply on a door cloth is established.

    all about door handles

    On entrance doors it is better to fix it on pulling together screws, on interroom it is possible and on screws.

    The Lock with falevoj a latch here is not necessary (it demands the press handle). The stationary and press handle on one door, you see, obvious search. Therefore the lock should be with a roller latch and a bolt or is simple with a bolt. The roller latch fixes a door, and at door opening releases it.

    Stationary handles happen the different form. The most widespread – P-shaped. Otherwise it name skoboj. Therefore stationary handles still name skobami. The variant skoby, by the way, considers also a door hammer. The complete set of the stationary handle can include an overlay on the lock cylinder.

    Depending on massiveness of a door and a lock arrangement at a choice skoby it is necessary to pay attention to length of the handle and its diameter. Manufacturers of door handles, especially Italian, with special love are engaged in design of the products. Handles "Манделли" designers known in the West Paolo Nava, for example, develop, Marko Madzhoni and Takahide Sano. Products "Abloj" too are always fashionable and elegant: among authors – popular stylists of Alvar Aalto and Timo Sarpaneva. A problem of designers – appeal and convenience. Their author's works is almost piece goods.

    all about door handles

    The Riddle: both knocks, and opens. The answer – a door hammer.

    In pictures – firm MANDELLI products

    How many it costs?

    I was first amazed with a wide spacing of the prices. The price of the simple Finnish complete set without everyones navorotov from company "Аблой" approximately twice above similar Italian, say, from firm "Россетти" (Rossetti). Italians make door handles in huge assortment and for all tastes, and focused not only on middle class. For example, companies "Colombos" (Сolombo), "Mandelli" (Мandelli), "Olivari" (Оlivari), "Valenti" (Valenti) let out elite production for rich clients. The price of the complete set of door handles from these firms easily reaches to 130–170$.

    all about door handles

    The Tree of valuable breeds, muranskoe and bogemskoe glass in registration of expensive door handles (firm MANDELLI and COLOMBO)

    Clearly that the price depends on a material of which did the handle, and technologies of its manufacture. The more expensively the material and is more difficult technology, the and the price, naturally, above. The brass, aluminium, silumin – plastic metals, products of the necessary configuration do of them by a moulding method under pressure. The steel, especially corrosion-proof, is processed only mechanically. Therefore steel products are more expensive brass approximately three times. And handles from aluminium are cheaper than the brass.

    Inexpensive models S60 from firm "Манделли" stand an order 22$. In the same money model Adler of manufacture of "Rossetti" will manage: 20–24$. But models Robot, Heidi, Sirio, Star from "Colombo" in two-three times are more expensive: from 47 to 61$. Service life – 5 years.

    Further there are middle class handles. Models S20, Kea from firm

  • Mandelli "– 47–57$. Models Edo, Flessa, Mixa, Madi, Wing from firm" Colombo "– 61–86$.

    And, at last, expensive models Taipan, Egg, Tаста, Aria from firm "Colombo" – 78–116$. Model Duo from firm "Манделли" – 143–155$. Service life of a covering of a surface – 10 years.

    If inexpensive press handles with separate overlays are necessary to you – it is possible to buy from firm "Россетти": 16–21$ for model Adler, depending on surface furnish. Unpretentious models of firm "Манделли" stand from 22 to 33$. Complete sets "Colombo" will manage approximately in the same money: from 23 to 45$. The Warranty period of service of a covering of these Italian handles – 5 years. Inexpensive Finnish model Presto from firm "Аблой" (aluminium anodized) costs 27$, the covering will serve 10 years.

    On handles of middle class of the price such: from "Mandelli" of model CI, FU, KU c design of Takahide Sano – from 55 to 75$, from "Colombo" models Edo, Flessa, Mixa, Madi, Wing – from 48 to 81$, from "Abloj" of model Pochyola – 50–60$. Covering Service life – 10 years.

    High-class Handles from "Mandelli" of model Alea, Duo, Boemia – 120–170$, from "Colombo" models Taipan, Egg, Tаста, Aria – 73–128$, from "Abloj" model Presto – 100$. Service life of a covering of the Italian handles – 10 years, Finnish – 20.

    Now about the prices on noby. There are they not so expensively: 4$ for the Chinese complete set of firm "Babble" (Guli), 8–10$ for firm "Теса" Spanish (Tesa), 20$ for American firms "Квиксет" (Kwikset). Covering Service life: 2 years – "Babble", 5–10 years – "Tesa", 5 years – "Kvikset".

    Feature nobov is that they are on sale complete with a latch.

    How much it is possible to buy from us skoby? Firm "Colombo" offers skoby models Robot, Estro, Flesso, beginning from 35 to 85$. A guarantee – from 5 till 10 years depending on quality of furnish. Model Pine from firm "Россетти" costs 60$.

    For the same money it is possible to buy skoby from aluminium – model Presto from firm "Аблой", but covering service life will be 10 – 15 years.

    The Most expensive variant – skoby from "Mandelli", 134–158$. The Greatest guarantee, 30–40 years, on polished skobu from stainless steel of manufacture of firm "Аблой". There Is it 120$.

    So, with the prices have understood. There were literally some words dorasskazat about door handles. Business in the following. Happens, some sellers suggest to get a door at once both with the lock, and with handles. I do not advise. Especially if it is a door not "firm", and have made it somewhere on boondocks of a repair truck or in empty shop of the former factory closed as superfluous to our national economy. On such the miracle-dverku is established usually far not by the best locks, and about handles and it would not be desirable to speak.

    It is better not to hurry up. Reserve the right to itself for a choice under the price and design. And still. If already there is a door with the handle, select the lock. If there is a door with the lock, search for the handle. If there is only a door, at once look for "a sweet couple" – the lock and the handle.

    Yes, by the way, what to do, if the handle breaks? To do nothing – it needs to be changed entirely (spare parts to them do not sell).

    And the last. And what our manufacturers? How at us with muranskim glass or as a last resort with handles with furnish from valuable breeds of a tree? Alas, while deafly. Unfortunately, we in this field of activity while anything have not shown ourselves. However, on sale is skoby from silumina and there were firm "Deck" manufactures. Only 1–3$, a warranty period of service of a covering – 3 years. That is three years we will pull them with pleasure, and then – as it will turn out.

    a source:

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